Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Violin Cards

Here are the other music cards I created for my friends. I'll retake the pictures tomorrow; I made another green card, and rounded the corners, so was going to just retake the pictures then, but the sun went down too quickly for photographing! I'll try again tomorrow. I added six other music cards to the set. I'm trying to be more generous with giving away cards; sometimes it's hard to just hand over hours of work, when I'm needing to pay off credit card debt from stamping! But these friends are so absolutely wonderful, I was delighted! I just wish I'd had more time to make others!

I really love the background of the green card. The paper is from a pack of somewhat wild papers from provo craft, but this paper is very elegant looking, I absolutely love it. It has very silky fibers going up and down it. The stamped elements are small, but I really wanted to feature the paper. The violin is from Merry Stamper, the text is Biblical Impressions.

The second card was all made from my elements in my drawers of stamped stuff. I have really been making a point this year of going there first before making a card, unless something has caught my eye. Background is from Eureka, text is computer generated.

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