Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pet Sympathy

Pet sympathy cards are another harder-to-find card. The store in which I sell does not do a great deal of business, but when I do my card switch I often discover that a pet sympathy card has sold.

The text of the first two cards is unknown, I think from an extinct stamp company, Jody Poesy. The dogs are from Sunday International, the cats are from Biblical Impressions.

I'm going to sell the third card for $50. Or at least, I'd like to!!! I had more grief with it than any card I remember making in a long time. I just was too stubborn to quit until I finished it! The tricky thing was working with the sky vellum, both in stamping on it, positioning it, and affixing it. This is one card for which I will not make a duplicate! Text is from Encouraging Impressions, birds are from smARTworks.

1 comment:

Sharon in NE said...

The third is my favorite...both the text and the birds. :)