Saturday, February 9, 2008

Last of the mailboxes

These are my last boxes, at least, that I'll post. Still have one more to make for my youngest daughter, still at home. I also have a couple more to photograph, but I'll probably just put them in my galleries on my website on Monday.

I wanted to share a lovely idea for mailboxes, from Crystal, a very creative thinking mom! She made them for her daughters to be used to write letters to a sister offended! What a lovely idea! I suspect, if she keeps it up, they will themselves begin to leave notes for each other, just for the fun of it! Can you imagine, ten years down the road, the memories they'll have? I bet they'll keep those mailboxes. :-)


Jay said...

I've loved seeing what you've done with these mailboxes! So many styles and colors! I have 4 of these and will have to try my hand at altering them. I'm inspired!

I also want to let you know that you've been nominated for an Excellent Award for blogging. See my blog for more details. :-)


Nancy Grant said...

What fun mailboxes!!! I need the inspiration because my friend just gave one of my own to play with.