Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More mailboxes!

I came back from Target with a bunch of maiboxes! It was so much fun ... I spent probably an hour at Jo-Ann's, mostly browsing, but I did pick up a few things.

One thing I did NOT get was ribbon! I realized when making the other mailboxes that I was running low on ribbon. As I am also selling card kits now at the City News & Daily Grind (cards, envies, panels, papers & fibers), I really needed an affordable source for ribbon. I remembered vaguely seeing a site a long time ago when I was not using a lot of ribbon, and managed to find it again. Really Reasonable Ribbon is an absolutely fabulous place for ribbon! The prices are marvelous, and the customer service is excellent. I was also extremely impressed to receive an e-mail after placing my order that actually my shipping was going to be less! I already thought it was reasonable!!! She also upgraded me to priority mail. I placed the order Thursday, it arrived Monday! Wow.

It was also perfect timing, I had just begun these mailboxes,
and would not have had the ribbon I needed without it.

The top mailbox is for one of my daughter Karen's roommates who is almost completely blind. I decided I wanted paper that had very distinct (light/dark) pattern, and embellishments that were a good size.

Trying to make one for Karen was a real challenge, and I'm still not happy. It's the middle one, and I was trying to make it devoid of pink, purple, flowers, or hearts, none of which she appreciates. Well, three out of four was as close as I came! Actually, she's not really a knick-knack person, so I did plan to give her (and her other roomies for that matter) the freedom to pass it on to someone else (though I'm sure she'll eat the white chocolates inside first, lol!)

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jacki j. said...

Wow Sarah! they get better and better. I really like the paper on the middle one. Great job!!!