Saturday, February 23, 2008

Psalm 103

I don't exactly make New Year's resolutions, though I always think about what I want to do differently in my spiritual life or practical day-to-day living, and pray for grace to make those changes! On the practical end of things, I decided to really try and use up unused backgrounds and other stamped scraps items I have. This card uses a blue background made with alcohol inks. I'm realizing that my greatest challenge with a card is finishing it. I don't mean having the discipline to finish, though when it comes to gluing everything together, that certainly is a factor with me, but finding that "thing" that will finish the card. Sometimes it's a corner punch, usually it's an embellishment of some sort. With this card, I designed and assembled it fairly quickly, but then did not know how to finish it. I attached the ribbon a little too close to center, and for some reason, tht seemed to make it more of a challenge to find the finishing touch. The blue looks a bit like sky, so I finally went with this butterfly image.

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Sharon in NE said...

I have the same issues. It's like I'll do everything except the last step and there the pieces may sit in a box waiting for them to find that final connection.

I'm glad you completed this card with such a beautiful background. I love this verse.