Thursday, February 21, 2008

RAK from Trish!

I sat down at the computer, and my mind went blank. Why am I here? I headed over to Jacki's blog and saw she had posted a RAK from Trish. Oh, that's it! I meant to post a card Trish made for me! So, here it is! I rarely get personal mail. Because card making is a business for me, I don't sign up for RAK lists, so a handmade card is a treat!

I had something really fun happen last night: I "met" a new stamper online! Dana had just decided to see who else had "Random Harvest" as a favorite movie in their blog list, and came up with my blog. It turns out that not only do we both love cardmaking, but we even live in the same area. Not exactly neighbors, but her job involves travel, and she occasionally ends up in my town. How neat! Lots of inspiration at her site!


Sharon in NE said...

I read her comment. Isn't that exciting when stampers connect like that!

Love this card from Trish!

Diane said...

Sarah, maybe you can answer my question...I've seen all these RAKs. Do you actually send cards to one another or are they a type of virtual card...just sending one another pictures of cards...Just wondering.