Friday, February 8, 2008

More mailboxes

The pink mailbox is for my mother. Her mother came from Czechoslovakia as a young woman (after running away from home at age 13 to work in the city, she then emmigrated to the US on her own). Anyway, the stamps on the mailbox are Czechoslovakian, so it was the perfect paper to use! I also used a postage stamp punch for the flagpole. The ribbon on the flowers was curled with a heat gun. The angle makes it look a bit odd!

The red mailbox was made because I was determined to use red - the shade is so bright, that few of my papers look well with it. I finally decided the white roses looked okay, but it's not my favorite!

Tomorrow will probably be my last mailbox post, hurrah! It's been so much fun making them, but it's probably tiresome seeing them showing up on so many blog entries! But tomorrow is the last possible day to make them in time for Valentine's day...

1 comment:

Sharon in NE said...

Your mailboxes have been so lovely! I think the one for your mom is my favorite.