Monday, February 25, 2008

SALT challenge: Lent

Wow, this was a creative idea from Lythan at SALT! And I headed several different directions before I settled with this one. I did not actually make a card from it; if I keep it, it will be for my own personal reminder that I need to daily surrender my life to the Lord.

I looked up scriptures on sacrifice for this challenge, that was my original idea. But the song "I surrender all" just kept coming to my mind.

Genuine, Godly sacrifice, as Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross for us, is a wonderful thing. But I think our culture has "flattened" the meaning of the word a bit. When we know we've sacrificed for something, we can perhaps feel a little self righteous. And remember Saul? He disobeyed God, and thought offering great sacrifices would cover it. But God desired obedience more than sacrifice from Him. From us.

Surrender, to me, has a sense of humility about it; I'm not trying to impress God by sacrificing something (though certainly I have had times in my life, including specifically during the Lenten season, where I have felt led to). But in surrendering, I am saying, "Not what I want, but what You want, Lord."

In sacrifice, I am in control, in surrender, He is.

That's my thoughts for right now, anyway. Subject to change upon further thought or revelation! :-)


Trish D said...

I really like the card itself - love the music and the open hand.

But even more meaningful is the thoughts behind. "In sacrifice, I am in control. In surrender, He is." So simple, yet very challenging. Thanks for sharing

Scripture by Design said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and creations!

mamaluke said...

AMEN sister! thank you for joining in!

Lythan said...

this is just so beautiful Sarah. Thanks for sharing it

Diane said...

Beautiful Sarah! Love the way you put this together, but your inspirational thoughts are even more precious...because they are so true! This time of year draws me to think much about the price Christ paid that we might fully surrender to Him...and thus have eternal life. What a beautiful reminder you will now have to continuously surrender it. TFS

Sharon in NE said...

Oh Sarah, this post is SO wonderful. I am so touched by the card and the wonderful thoughts with it. We make it so hard, putting up a fight to keep control, but surrendering is actually easier to admit I am powerless, take over. He is so much better at things anyway, I just botch things up. I surrender all.