Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Salt Challenge: Grace

This week's SALT challenge is coming to an end, and once again, I'm getting it done at the last minute!

I knew I wanted to use my "Celebrate His Grace" stamp, but I could not find it anywhere! So, I got some serious cleaning done in my craft room ... a very good thing!

The card is actually blue, slate blue, but definitely blue, and the dark background and text are dark blue. But both my scanner and my camera decided it was a black and white picture! Weird! I finally got some color with the camera last night, but the vellum looked cream colored, when it is actually white. This morning I had a little more success...


Sharon in NE said...

I love your card! The stamp at an angle really makes the words pop out and actually look more celebratory. What better thing to celebrate? Great job.

Hazel said...

Beautiful card - thank you for your contribution once again to Salt (sorry, just catching up with blogs and have only just seen this)