Monday, March 31, 2008

Piano card

In the midst of saving for a second vehicle, our only vehicle's engine died. Not fun! Living in a small community, this means a long wait for an engine replacement. What were we to do? Not only did my husband need to get back and forth to work, but our daughter Karen was coming home in a week for spring break, and it was a four hour round trip to get her, then we'd need to take her back to the same place the following week. During that week, she needed to be taken for a sleep study 45 minutes away (she actually ended up having to do it twice, so four trips were necessary!).

Friends of ours had just been given a third vehicle from a relative that had just passed away, and they planned to give it to their son, also coming home for spring break. They were able to give us the use of a vehicle through today (two and a half weeks later)! What a tremendous blessing!

They are both musicians; he is a pianist, she is a violinist. So by way of thank you, I put together a set of music cards. Most were from my "stash" of cards I rotate at City News, the rest I made in the last couple of days.

Piano is from Stubby Stampers, text is from Biblical Impressions

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