Monday, March 10, 2008

A Baby!

I was having a horrible time trying to find just the right ink for my footprints stamp, and I simply could not find the right shade. I remembered as I looked that I had had very little luck the last time I had tried. Hmmm... Then I finally remembered that I had a footprint punch. Oh, happy day! I was doing the card rather late, and just was not thinking very coherently: The cardstock I decided to use was textured only on one side, so I found myself thinking "How sad, I can only do right footprints, since I can't use the other side of this cardstock." Oh, brother! Fortunately I did realize in the next moment that I just needed to punch from the other side, but I went to bed as soon as I finished, lol!

1 comment:

Sharon in NE said...

Don't you love it when that light bulb turns on.