Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fun discovery!

I mentioned in Thursday's post I had some stuff that came from an old stationary store. Well, these envelopes were some of what I came away with. They've been stashed in my attic - a huge box of them - for several years with no use for me. We have standard white business envelopes, with little use even for them. These are also larger, 11" x 4.75"; an odd size indeed! But while looking for something up in my attic today, I came across them again, and suddenly it clicked that they were coated envelopes; perhaps alcohol inks could be applied.

As you can see, it definitly works! Since the envelopes are brown, the colors are more muted; they are less bright than the picture shows them to be, and the blue looks "browner" than you see it here (the light spots are pearl fixative, which did not work very well, I used gold fixative with the green, which worked a little better). Still, I'm pleased, and with postal regs and prices, it's nice to have something thin and lightweight to use.

So ... what do you have lying around that you've dismissed short-sightedly for craft use? :-)


larue said...

Oh, these are pretty. Will definitely give the po workers some eye candy.

Sarosa said...

Thankk you, Larue!

Actually, I never thought about using the envelopes for envelopes! I was planning to just cut them up for layering with cards (the size is perfect for two cards!)

I've never actually decorated an envelope! Probably because I take too long just to make cards!

Sharon in NE said...

Okay, you got me started now. I had hundreds of old used manila folders that I hated to throw away because they had great weight to them. I grabbed a can of spray paint, the one that makes things look like hammered metal. I gave them one solid coat and lo and behold, I have some great decorative cardstock (looks industrial). Thanks for the tip!