Friday, March 14, 2008

You never know...

...when something is going to be useful after all!

I love to throw things out, and when I'm on a purge, I can be brutal. However, since I've really gotten into stamping, I've realized that what I don't find use for now, I probably will later.

This card came from a set of notecards that I made a month or so ago. I had accidently smudged the edge of the card, so I could not sell it. In trying to decide how to add to it, I remembered these little self-adhesive embellishments. I don't know where they came from, but I've had them for ages and really never thought I'd need them. I was delighted to find a use for them ... peacock feathers and jewels just seem to go together!

Feather is from Eureka, text is from


seamom said...

Hi Sarah.
Wonderful "saves" on those troubled cards! I have a question. What is Arcobelano paper? I did a google search which didn't find what you referenced.
Thanks in advance,
Mary Dinucci
Holmes Beach, Florida

Sarosa said...

It's simply a brand of beautifully textured papers that comes in a miriad of colors. I purchase them at California Paper Goods ( The shipping is a little high, at least for me, living clear across the country, but their service is absolutely top notch. They also have "paper auctions" every three months, which are great fun. Here is a direct link to the arcobelano papers: