Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day four of All Things Stamped contest

Ah, a simple challenge! I really love the stretch of a true "challenge"; by definition, it ought not be easy! But, I needed something simpler today. The tags come from a large box of them I got from a bunch of stuff donated to the local YFC. It came from a woman whose husband had never thrown everything out from a stationery store he'd owned quite a number of years earlier. I wasn't a stamper then; I planned to use them for garage sales!

I did still take awhile to do this card; I wanted a coordinating paper, and had a hard time finding something with light blue and red. This paper looked perfect, but I realized as I was assembling it that it was just too white for my tags. A vanilla memories pad took care of that. Then it seemed a bit plain, so I punched out a few tiny circles (mounted on a couple of layers of cardstock to give a more "buttony" look). The card looks both better and worse than the photo shows: I was not paying attention when I glued the paper under the punched corners, and it pushed through the holes (it's not visible in the picture). Tomorrow, several of my daughters' friends are coming over, including one who wants to see how I do journals, and my craft room is a wreck, so I decided not to work any more on the card. Hopefully, if I can get the glue problem dealt with, I'll fix the card up a little better. The colors look much better together than the pictures shows.


Denise Bryant said...

Great card! I love the fibers too...something I haven't used in a long time. Thanks for playing and tomorrow will be easier.

imastampin said...

Very very cute. I just love those corners.