Monday, March 17, 2008

Be Still

Last month I made a photo card very similar to this, only with a winter scene. I am so happy to have this treasure trove of photographs that my Dad took.

I trimmed the corners as I did because I had accidently damaged a corner in the process of trimming the picture. :-)

Text is from Biblical Impressions.


Sharon in NE said...

This is gorgeous! I like it with the trimmed corners. It looks very well planned. ;) The colors you used really bring out the beautiful colors in the sky. VERY nice!

Sarosa said...

Thanks, Sharon! I hadn't plan to use the blue, because I am realizing I am constantly using that color! I tried a number of other colors, but that just was the right one!

jacki j. said...

a happy accident. I love the corners that way.