Friday, March 7, 2008

Crayon resist

I really love this technique! I had read about it before, but never got around to trying it until this past week. Wow! So easy, and so effective!

This was one of the other cards we did at the workshop, and they loved it! But, we had a couple of bad starts as I accidently gave the wrong stamp pad to a couple of the ladies. So, everything smeared, and we couldn't figure it out. How embarrassed I was when I realized the problem! Fortunately, they took it all in stride...

For those of you who have never tried this technique, it could not be simpler. Using Stazon or memories black ink, stamp your image onto glossy cardstock. Highlight with a white crayon, then dab (not smear!), colors over the panel. Voila!

Flower is by Biblical Impressions .

The text stamp is from the one sheet of stamps I've managed to get made; it comes from a little song I had made up for the children when they were little, about a million years ago. :-)

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Sharon in NE said...

What a sweet sentiment! Wonderful card. I'll have to try this technique. Dab...not smear...gotcha.