Friday, March 21, 2008

Card botulism!

I went down to meet a friend and exchange cards at the shoppe in which I sell handmade cards/journals, etc. The friend meeting me is a food inspector, and was telling us a little about a botulism case in her area. When I got home and looked through my cards to identify which ones had sold, I found this card, and promptly thought, "My card has botulism!" I had made three of this design, and all three were warped. I've never had this happen to a card before, and am curious if anyone else knows why this happened. It's very dramatic, but was hard to see in photographs. Hopefully I took enough that you can see what I mean.

Unfortunately, I cannot be sure of the glues I used, although I am positive I used repositional craft stick glue for the vellum that is visible. But for the vellum beneath the oval layers, I am not sure. Probably a combination of double sided tape and some type of glue stick (I try to economize by using just a little tape, and do the rest with glue). As you can see, I have another vellum card that does not have this problem, though that one, being a specific event, did not spend much time in the store. Any clues?


seamom said...

I have had cards "warp" under several circumstances. Embossing on some cardstocks, too thin I think. Also watercoloring or painting images; too much water maybe.Velum when embossed, too hot or too long?
Waiting to see what other responses have to offer.....

Sharon in NE said...

I made two cards using good quality cardstock. They had a jute tie close to the top but I think the jute was just top heavy enough that after weeks of sitting upright, the weight of the tie started to pull on the top of the card and both cards ended up buckling a little. I think the cardstock had a glitch in the production which, with a little weight(the jute tie), took on a bend. Maybe this was the same here too.