Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rose on marble

The last week has been a frenzy of cardmaking for the shop I sell at. I'm tired of all the cards I've been rotating in and out there, and decided to bring all new cards when I go down to do a workshop on Thursday. In some ways it's probably silly to do this; the area was dealt an economic blow a few years ago that it just can't seem to overcome. Nonetheless, I decided to do it, and wow, it's so nice to have a bunch of cards that I can just send people!

This card was made with a panel I did some time ago, and rejected. But I think it was just because I had a different effect in mind. It actually looks very elegant in person; I am really pleased with it. I used opalite inks for the color; stamp is from SmARTworks.

1 comment:

Sharon in NE said...

By enlarging the card, I can tell it must be very beautiful IRL. You're very talented!