Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'd had the top card for awhile, unsold, and while many of my cards don't sell, I knew this one hadn't sold at least in part because the text was not dark enough. It was darker than what you see in the scan, but still too light. So I decided to rework the card. I really liked the background, though, which was done with alcohol inks. (I applied them to the felt in straight lines, then swept the applicator across the cardstock.) The ribbon was still firmly in place, so I decided to leave it. I found a coordinating piece of alcohol-inked cardstock, and punched a hole out of it to place onto a new, larger button. I changed the direction of the card, and stamped with text from SU, and mounted onto my favorite brand of paper (Arcobelano). I then attached to a card of the same color as the original.

I really enjoy affixing coordinating punched circles to buttons. I recently purchased some tiny buttons from SmARTworks so that I can use my 1/4 inch punch as well.

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Sharon in NE said...

I LOVE those backgrounds and especially love the matching button. Nice cards!