Thursday, June 5, 2008

Family Photo Easel card

We had a friend of the family stay with us for college May term, and asked him to take a family picture of us to send with Bruce. I have sleep issues in normal times, when I have a major event, positive or negative, it's that much worse. So, I made this at 3:30a.m. the night before Bruce left, and that's my excuse for putting the upside down exclamation mark but forgetting to actually put the text in Spanish! "I love you more" was a phrase we were always using on each other on our trips, so they will appreciate the significance!

I did not take notes, and the easel card is gone, so I don't remember precisely how I did it. Probably there are templates on the web, but in case not, here's my best guess: I cut three inches off of an 8.5 x 11 sheet, folded it in half, then scored the cardstock on either side to at 4.25" below that (mountain folds). Here's where my 3:30 a.m. memory fails. I could have glued the two flaps so that one was fully on top of the other, but I wanted to be able to fold the easel card flat, and the double thickness would have been too much. So, I'm guessing I trimmed one of the 1.25" ends by half, then scored the other 1.25" end in half. I then would have attached the shorter flap up to the score line of the longer flap. Then doing a valley fold ("up" into the card), I had a relatively flat piece that I could put into an envelope. Clear as mud? :-)

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