Thursday, June 5, 2008

Update on trip

When we go down to C uba, we never communicate with the states, it's just too complicated to find a computer or use the telephone, and for a week, it doesn't seem important. However, I just heard from my husband via e-mail! One of the four suitcases is missing; they are working with the airline to recover it. We're praying; C uba and lost suitcases are usually without a happy ending. :-( By the color of the suitcase my husband mentioned, I had feared it was the one with stamps & a neat little Sunday School curriculum we had found online, but my son helped me realize it was not, what a relief. Still, it contained medicines and other needed items...

Here is part of Bruce's e-mail:
Lenia told me that she actually put on a class for all the people who wanted to use the stamps explaining how not to mix the colors, washing the stamps properly, etc. She is especially happy for the alphabet stamps, she says you read her mind. Mayelin* also sends her thanks, and insists that I greet you for her right now!

*from the church that requested the stamp supplies

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