Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day

My family often teases me about being a last minute card maker. Sometimes the birthday card is being finished as the candles on the birthday cake are lit. It really is that bad, I must admit. And with everything that's been going on here lately, well, I forgot until today. So, I just completed my husband's Father's Day card this evening, and it would have been very late at night if it weren't for the fact that he is not here right now, whew! These last minute cards are usually not by best, :-( for which I feel so badly! But, I have nothing else to post tonight, so here it is! It actually looks much nicer in person; the embossing is copper, and the blue of the text matches the blue of the cardstock. But, that's what happens when I use the scanner.

I just realized this afternoon that I had forgotten to invite several important people to my son Stephen's graduation party. I also had forgotten I wanted to clean out the barn which is a horrible wreck before the party, and I hadn't planned the meal, or the small ceremony we want to have. (We homeschool, and I want to do something to recognize the occasion. His older sisters had actual graduation ceremonies, but the one other student in town who is graduating did not want to do that, and since Stephen was delighted not to do one, I didn't force it. But, I want something. Then, of course, I don't know when Karen will be released, probably some time this coming week, and the hospital is two hours away, and I imagine there will be a meeting with one or more of the doctors. There's no planning for it; they have to come to the diagnosis first. So, it really is nuts to try to plan for this weekend. It took forever to nail this date down, so it was a hard decision to make, but now that it's made, I can't tell you how relieved I am!!

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