Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sisters collage

I don't know if these two are supposed to be sisters, but that's what I think of when I see it this image. I am borrowing a bunch of Paperbag Studios stamps from a friend; I wanted to make sure that if I get to a place of being able to order some of them, I would actually be able to work with them.

Though I absolutely love the look of collage, I have done little of it. I had a day about a week ago to work with these stamps, and just could not get anywhere. I have a perfectionist streak which dramatically affects how much work I get done. Because I am very aware of my inexperience and lack of knowedge, I spend an ridiculous amount of time making decisions in my cardmaking. Today I was determined that instead of taking ten minutes to decide if I should stamp an image in a certain place, I was just going to "do it!!" When I found a background paper I liked, I resisted (well, after a minute or two!) looking for a "better" paper. Once I had the card more or less done, I stopped myself from continuing to play around with the embellishments.

So, whether the card is a technical success or not, I am delighted with it because I did not second guess ( or 3rd, 4th, 5th guess!!)myself at every step!

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jacki jones said...

and this looks so "naturally flowing", like it came together effortlessly...

I don't usually "take apart" to start over, but I sometimes reposistion. I told you Undu is my friend. WhenI make cards, I just start making. I usually end up with more than I need, but then I have choices or extras...

This is great work Sara.