Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Psalm 23

I didn't put this in my galleries anywhere, because shortly after I made it a couple of years ago, I discovered that a card maker I really admired had almost the identical card in her gallery! I was mortified: had I subconsciously copied her card? Upon further thought, I realized that the combination of the psalm and the lamb was an obvious one, so it wasn't really that surprising that more than one person came up with the same idea. Still, I was too insecure to put it up!

Anyway, I have listed more stamps on ebay, including the psalm and the lamb. I also have listed a "card kit", a set of cards, layers and embellishments in a pink theme. If anyone is interested in this sort of thing, only in a different color, I plan to put together at least one more set for posting on Thursday, so let me know and I can do your color. :-)

1 comment:

Sharon in NE said...

That is a natural combination. I can see why you put them together. This card is precious!!