Monday, June 9, 2008

From C uba with love!

My husband was in Cuba for just one week; Lenia and Majelin, the two "keepers of the stamps" are the busiest women I have ever known. Both mothers of young children in a place with few of the conveniences (dryers, microwaves, etc), that make our lives easier here), one a wife of a man who has been at death's door for over a year, the other a pastor's wife who was also our pastor's interpreter for the week (he came with my husband). And these are just four out of the ten or so cards that came back.

So ... do you think the stamps were a hit? :-)

They told Bruce they were embarrassed at how the cards turned out, but I thought they did great! And I know at least once it was about three in the morning when they stopped!

Themissing suitcase was never recovered, (itout had some really important stuff in it (and my pastor's dress shoes; as they really dress for church there, he was rather embarrassed!). But I was glad it was not one with stamps supplies.

Anyway, a huge hug and thank you to each one of you who sent supplies! They are absolutely thrilled with the supplies, and many will be using them. An absolutely incredible blessing! Lenia's life is one of heartbreak and pain right now with her ill husband, and I know the time she is somehow able to carve away for stamping is theraputic for her...



Sharon in NE said...

How special these cards are! I will lift Lenia up in prayer.

loni.sue said...

Sarah, bless you and yours caring enough to make this happen. It lifts me to know these ladies are experiencing some of the joy this art form gives us!

A said...

Hey Sarah...there are five cards there! :-)
They are very good though!

asela said...

Hi Sarah...I'm glad the trip went well and they liked all the supplies. You are a real blessing.