Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tag fun!

I was given a bunch of tags from an old stationery store that had been closed a couple of decades ago. The remaining inventory had just been stuck in an attic somewhere for years. Anyway, I'd seen some on Etsy, done just in browns, and the seller seems to sell quite a lot of them. So, I decided to see what my gift shop friend thought. I made a set of the small ones, all coffee themed, and she loved them, so this will be yet another project for me down the road! I was happy to stick with brown for the coffee tags, but I wanted to try out some color with other styles.

I used distress inks for all the tags, these are so much fun! I had purchased some last year on impulse, but until a couple of months ago, had only used the vintage postcard and tea dye. But I "discovered" the colored ones when I was making Mother's Day cards, and was hooked on them too!

I listed a few last items on ebay, you can view them here.

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