Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Safe arrival

Abigail arrived in Bosnia this afternoon, after a nearly 30 hour trip ... she's exhausted but flying high! It was great to hear from her! She has to do a one week homestay to make it qualify for her International Studies minor/major (it changes!), which she hopes will give her a boost with the language.

We haven't heard from Bruce in C uba, but we never do. He's only there for a week, so it's not important. I'm anxious to know, though, how our dear friend Orlando is doing. It's been so hard hearing second hand ...

I'm also wanting to know if all our stamp stuff made it through customs. For those of you who are wondering, we were able to take down a large amount of supplies. Plenty of inkpads, lots of re-inkers for the dry pads, papers, embellishments, a cutter, cardstock, punches, decorative scissors, etc, etc. I was really touched and totally thrilled with all that was sent! A few things did not fit; we even left a few bottles of pain reliever & cough medicine behind, which we never do; considering it and ministry items to be the most important items. However, they had specifically asked for stamp supplies, so while I definitely had to remove some things, those were a priority. The rest will go down on our next trip. I thank all of you who sent stuff down; while card making may be more pleasure than necessity for most of us, it will be very practical and useful (as well as fun!) down there.

This card was for Orlando's wife Lenia, the person to whom I originally sent stamps. She loves music, so I recycled this card. The camera flash had to be on because it was nightime when I finished re-making cards, and Bruce was leaving too early to wait until morning. So, the card looks a bit gaudy, but it actually looks more elegant when bright lights are not shining on it! I stamped the music images in black, then embossed the crackle background in clear. I then sponged the on the sunset colors. Originally, I had planned to use the faux batik method (ironing off the embossing after stamping over the image), but when I was ready for that step, I decided I liked the texture & gloss.


Susan T. said...

Have been praying for your two missionaries, so appreciated reading the update.

I may have missed something somewhere, and as addicted to stamping as I am, this may seem odd to ask, but I'm curious to know why they were requesting stamping supplies? Is it a foreign "hobby" in Cuba? Do they use it in their ministry? For income?

Sarosa said...

Good question! I posted the answer on today's blog post. Thanks for asking!