Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now I know why I never toss anything!

I made this card about three years ago, when I was just beginning stamping. It seemed too cold with just the red and blue, but (I can't believe I remember this, I am so not a detail person, everything had been already glued in place. Well, there was just enough of a gap or light glue application for me to slide the thin band of butterscotch underneath the blue pocket. Then I thought it needed that color elsewhere to tie it all together, so I sponged some butterscotch ink into the white plaid. I did not like it at all, and so I didn't put it in the store. Well, in the midst of looking for my husband's passport, I rediscovered it, in a pile of papers. I decided to set it aside just in case I did not get around to making a card for my Father-in-law. Well, that was the last I thought about Father's day until my husband called me from work late last night, needing to get it in the mail today! :-)

Tomorrow it's off to Strong Memorial hospital, to leave my daughter off for observation for one to two weeks to determine what her "mystery illness" is. We hope this will be the end of a year-long search for answers...

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